Praise for The Omega Theory

The Omega Theory Cover

“Once again, Mark Alpert's talent shines. The Omega Theory crackles with suspense, action, and damned good science. It's as real as a punch to the gut and leaves the same impact with the reader. From the opening kidnapping to the final firefight, I couldn't stop turning pages.”

— James Rollins, New York Times bestselling author of The Doomsday Key

“Science meets geopolitics meets religious fanaticism in Alpert's breathless sequel to Final Theory.”

— Publishers Weekly

“Turns cutting-edge speculative physics into a suspenseful thriller. Ideas like those in this book have actually been discussed by physicists John Archibald Wheeler, Don Page, and Frank Tipler. Plus, Alpert adds a new twist of his own.”

— J. Richard Gott, Professor of Astrophysics, Princeton University

“The universe, which may have been programmed like a computer, heads toward a big crash and a reboot in this thriller.”

– Kirkus Book Reviews