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Final Theory Cover

Final Theory is a thriller that combines awe-inspiring scientific ideas with FBI gun battles, white-knuckle car chases and a desperate race to stop an experiment that would doom the world. If you like Albert Einstein, the Delta Force, robots and Ferraris, you'll love Final Theory.

The novel's hero, Columbia University professor David Swift, is called to the hospital to comfort his mentor, an esteemed physicist who's just been brutally attacked and tortured. Fifty years ago Hans Kleinman had been one of Albert Einstein's young assistants, but now the old man is close to death and babbling nonsense. Just before succumbing, he pulls David close and wheezes two words in German: Einheitliche Feldtheorie. The Unified Field Theory. The Destroyer of Worlds. Could this be Einstein's proposed Theory of Everything, a single set of equations that would explain all the forces of Nature? Einstein spent the second half of his life searching for this theory, but he died without discovering it. Or did he?

Within hours of hearing his mentor's last words, David is running for his life. The FBI and a ruthless Russian mercenary are vying to get their hands on the long-hidden theory. Teaming up with an old girlfriend, brilliant Princeton physicist Monique Reynolds, David embarks on a frenzied cross-country quest, frantically trying to piece together Einstein's Final Theory to reveal its staggering consequences.

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